18×24 acrylic on canvas board by KenMac

“Paradise Cove”

18×24 acrylic on canvas by KenMac

Paradise, cove, perfect, beautiful, waves, trails


Gallery of Paradise Art
Original Paintings and Prints by KenMac. Scriptural Art, Country Scenes, Surf Art and Tropical Artwork. Original Paintings and Prints on canvas, wood, and stone. Local scenes of Bend Oregon to inspire your heart and soul. Large Original Oil Paintings on wood discs.


Having the  Paradise Art Gallery of Original Paintings and Prints makes me realize that almost EVERYONE has a different idea of what painted scenes of paradise might look like. What is your idea of paradise in an art gallery ? Maybe paintings of surfing at a warm tropical beach with clean, clear, perfect  shaped waves ? Or maybe hiking a majestic mountain in a dense forest ? How about  fishing at the base of a crisp splashing waterfall with water so clear you can see the trout swimming around in the pool you are standing next to ?  Or….just realax in a mountain town scene that has been untouched by the hustle of modern day living ? My motivation as an artist is to try to find what your paradise might be; and fill the gallery with created scenes that your heart and soul will be inspired by.With all the terrorism, racism, classism, suffering and hatred in the world today, I want to portray colorful scenes with peace, joy, and tranquility. And to give you a sense of serenity, and an inner sense of stillness and satisfaction. Take some time to sit back; relax, and find your vision of  peace and tranquility in the painted paradise gallery of original paintings and prints by KenMac.


squirrel, wildlife, gray, aspen, boulders





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